Hertra. Women empowerment & mental health

Community for women to support, mentor, and empower each other. 
Hertra. App enables women speak their mind openly. Hertra. App provides a platform for women to join discussions, seek advice, share experiences, help and empower each other. 
Get best of the topics you are most passionate about and join the discussions. You can join any community you find interesting, help other women, ask for advice and voice your opinion. Create a feed by subscribing to a community. 
App helps women to build community, organize and share experiences. 
Anyone can build a community to start a conversation. Women can also form community to discuss issues and experiences at their particular work place, at your university, in your city etc. Women can also form a community for a non-profit, their company, social cause or something they are passionate about. 
App enables women to find friend, mentor, and an advisor. Women can also follow and message each other directly. 
Men can download the app, but they can only see posts specifically posted for them. Men only have functionality to upvote/downvote & like/dislike. 

Client: Dhruv and Sandeep

Date: March 23, 2019

Service: Mobile Application Development