Voice Prompt

Voice Prompt

The most advanced and first voice driven teleprompter created for the iPad. Beware of imitators!

Voice Prompt is a simple and professional teleprompter for the iPad that allows your voice to control the pace of the prompting. Hands-free operation without any third party controls, in any language. Record your video and share directly to Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. Save time by uploading archived videos to Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Perfect for broadcasters, bloggers, podcasters, video producers, presenters, lecturers, business professionals, teachers, students, or anyone who would benefit from a scripted speech.

• Record your presentation in video utilizing both(iPad2+) cameras.
• Prompt in both horizontal or vertical orientation.
• Type, edit, copy/paste, or speak(iPad3+) your script directly into Voice Prompt.
• Save, e-mail, and import your script from popular cloud services.
• Automatically control the prompting by the sound of your voice.
• Utilize fixed-time prompting for noisy environments.
• Tune the sensitivity of the mic and the prompting speed for greater accuracy.
• Adjust the size of the text and utilize focus shading for easier reading.
• Preview the camera your recording while prompting.
• Change the size of the video preview for easier viewing.
• Post your recorded videos directly to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo
• Save the video locally or to Box, Google Drive, or Dropbox cloud services.
• Automatically saves the video at the end of the recording session.
• Add additional closing time at the end of your prompting session to personalize
• Archive your recorded videos for review and sharing.

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Client: Hasan Elkomey

Date: November 4, 2018

Service: Mobile Application Development