We are Yelari, A North America Based IT Company!

At Yelari, we strive to excel in the invention and development of advanced technologies including web, mobile applications, Internet of things (IoT), AR/VR, cross-platform, on-demand, and many more solutions. We transform these technologies into value for our clients’ projects and providing them professional and best-in-class IT solutions.We are a prominent mobile, web, and software development company. We are a trusted information technology brand, dealing with numerous unique establishments and corporations.Yelari is a company that believes in professionalism and specializes in the delivery of distinctive services. We have a team of experts who are dedicatedly working together as a family.Being an IT company with tons of experience, we offer full stack developer services to all over the world. Yelari is managed by expert IT engineers, creative designers, who have sound knowledge and understanding in the advanced technology field.


We have a perfect blend of web designers and developers who are an asset to the company. They have quality like successful deployment of web design ideas on the web, knowledge of current market trends, as well as SEO knowledge to cater on time perfect IT solution of web development.We give the complete solutions if you’re searching for a static mobile and web development. Yelari works at the intersection of business technology to help clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders.We at Yelari help people quickly view and explore the full scope of enterprise and web-based information available for better and informed decision making.

Our Core Values that make Yelari Proud!

Be Real

At Yelari, we believe to have honesty and clarity always with our clients and our colleagues. We run our company with excellent ethics.

Be Accountable

We take the liability of whatever we promise to our clients and live up to their expectations and we include them in the decision making process.

Be Passionate & Innovative

At Yelari, we strive to serve businesses with solutions built with the right blend of such qualities.

Be Connected

Be it technology, partners, people or customers, we believe in constructing connections, in relationships across boundaries.

Our Development Process that makes us Stand out!

We are experienced mobile app development company, who knows how to make a mobile program following concrete mobile app development process, and that’s why we share our program development process steps here.

Pre-Sales Meeting

This is the initial emotion trade occur between you and our manager. With this assembly, we understand the project/concept/idea of your business and herefore we, together with our specialized team, check the feasibility and indicate that the best possible technical proceed.

Mobile App Development Strategy

It’s hard to get anything done without a plan. Whether you’re coaching cricket group, organizing an event or running a small startup, you need a plan and a commitment strategy. We do think the same and we define focus on advancement and milestone, expected objectives, tracked. We use Skype for most of the project communication.


We use Design-Led-Engineering Process and with this procedure we start making prototyping, beginning from sketch drawing to app design and wireframe to understand users and their needs to come up with a layout that’s usable and then starts advancement to make it user-centric merchandise using Flinto or Invision. Beside this, we have the design of the product without writing a single line of code.

Development Process

The team gets down to bringing everything in layout to action, after coming together with product design. Details tasks are defined by project managers. We know mistakes create this program costly and that is we would really like to share suggestions the thoughts and choices to be discussed with you personally. While working through the program development phase, we upgrade progress to the clients through project management tools such as Basecamp and Trello.

App Launch

This step leads to the last step of the mobile app development process, where your application needs to be submitted to the for final approval, but it’s not just about submitting your app, it’s the first step of marketing for your app. Our marketing team will advise you the right way of submitting processes such as screenshots, video introduction and app title and description for the app.

Quality Testing

We’re using special software for bug tracking and to maintain the QA data. We’ve got around 30+ distinct iPhone & Android devices to test application at each mobile software development process stage. Our Quality analysts find examine and fix. We examine all use and debatable edge cases and solve it to guarantee program works perfectly without a hindrance.